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Long Branch Tree Services is the go-to company offering professional tree service Brandon FL & surrounding areas!

Looking For a Professional Tree Service Company Brandon FL? We've Got You Covered!

Long Branch Tree Service is a trusted tree service company that serves clients in Brandon, FL & other surrounding areas.
We have a full team of experienced professionals to take on any size project to suit all of your tree service and land clearing needs.
Our company is fully licensed and insured, guaranteeing a quality outcome on every project that we work on.
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What Are The Benefits of Tree Service Brandon FL?

There are a variety of different benefits when recieving any kind of tree services on your land or property.
Tree services can be used to brighten up overly shaded areas on your property, increase property value & asthetics, protect your property, & even save someones life due to dead or damaged tree branches breaking off.
There are a variety of tree services that can be provided from things as simple as stump grinding and as large as complete tree removal.
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What Services Do We Provide?

Long Branch Tree Service provides a full-line of tree service options to fill all of our clients’ needs in Brandon, FL & other surrouding areas.
We work with both residential and commercial clients, as well as government clients on both large and small jobs.
Some of the tree services provided by Long Branch Tree Service include, but are not limited:
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Need More Information On Your Project For Tree Service Brandon FL?

Long Branch Tree Service is the go-to tree service contractor in Brandon, FL & its surrounding areas.
We are fully licensed & insured and equiped with a full-line of machinery to complete a variety of project, simple and complex, while still keeping safety in mind throughout the entire process.
We guarantee unmatched service & customer satisfaction on every project we complete.
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We supply a variety of tree service options in Brandon, FL, but we serve a variety of other areas too.
If the tree service you were looking for wasn’t shown above, it dosen’t mean that we don’t supply that service.
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